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Master Clock Systems

Are you looking for Wireless Master Clock System or a Wired Master Clock System, are the one stop clock shop. We supply state-of-the-art Mobatime precision clock systems. Mobatime master clock systems are suitable for Schools, Hospitals, Public Buildings and Bus or Rail Stations. Systems range from small stand alone systems to multi-site, multi-master clock systems.

The Master Clock System can:
   Synchronise clocks throughout the building
   Synchronise the computer network to the clocks
   Activate bell to signal class end, breaks, etc..
   Control on/off of heating, external lights, etc

Selection of available slave clocks

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'Click' the titles below for information on the different Master Clock Systems

Contact Information

Unit 10 Bolbrook Enterprise Ctr,
Avonbeg Rd,
Dublin 24
Phone: 01 4629840
Fax: 01 4629841

Featured Product  Profiline

Mini master clock
An illuminated double-sided outdoor clock can increase your street visibility and enhance your businesses profile! Contact us for more details.
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